Positioned Right

The Forces Shaping the Future of

Direct Selling and Network Marketing

Positioned Right is a deep dive into the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry and a look at the forces shaping the future of the Industry. There has never been a more important time for this Industry to evolve to remain relevant and competitive as a distribution channel and business opportunity. If you are part of this Industry or considering being a part of the Industry in the future, this book will give you the insight you need. Therefore, Positioned Right is a must-read.

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positioned right

“You cannot exceed in business without mastering the fundamentals and chasing relevancy in the marketplace at all times.”

Gordon Hester


positioned right

Who is This Book For?

This book is for those in the direct selling and network marketing Industry to better understand the Industry as distribution channel and business opportunity. It looks at the history of the Industry and examines why it is positioned right for an even better future. Most important, the book is focused on the path to a better future and the challenges and opportunities that the Industry faces. The Industry is in a transformational stage, so it is important for all those in the Industry or considering becoming part of the Industry to better understand the road ahead.

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The Benefits of Reading Positioned Right

Understand what direct selling and network marketing is as a distribution channel and business opportunity and all the players in the Direct Selling Ecosystem that impact the past, present and future of the Industry.

Witness how this Industry has historically outpaced global GDP growth, job growth, and population growth. Understand why the Industry is positioned right to have a better future as a distribution channel and business opportunity.

Understand what is going on currently and what needs to be done for the Industry to continue to have relevancy and leadership in the marketplace as a distribution channel and business opportunity.

Learn why the business opportunity allows entrepreneurs to scale to earn a larger income than other independent contractor entrepreneurial business models.

Culture is the #1 differentiator for Direct Selling. See how culture is evolving to improve the success and fulfillment of those who are part of a direct selling company.

Understand how technology, the use of big data and social media are changing the effectiveness of the distribution channel and business model.

See why the Industry is in a long-term uptrend globally and has a large global footprint as a distribution channel and business opportunity.

View multiple years of data that is seldom shared with the public to better understand this Industry.

Find out why customers buy from this distribution channel and what is being done to improve retention.

See what is being done behind the scenes to improve the reputation and effectiveness of the Industry.

Understand why direct selling entrepreneurs choose this business model.

Share the headwinds to the future of the Industry.

About the Author

Gordon Hester is a global entrepreneur and business strategist. He has a wealth of experience in the network marketing profession and beyond. He is also a business trainer and has taught entrepreneurs in 17 different countries to build successful businesses.

Gordon’s expertise in direct sales and network marketing is extensive on the field, corporate and Industry side. Working with Jeff Roberti for almost 30 years, Gordon helped Jeff build one of the largest network marketing distributorships in the world with sales in excess of $10 billion and commissions in excess of $100M. Gordon does business consulting for various network marketing companies and leaders. His technology company, Shapetech Solutions, also work with multiple companies in the Industry as their virtual technology solution.

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What people are saying

Gordon Hester’s experience spanning several decades as a direct seller, corporate consultant, DSA Industry Research Committee member, and tech entrepreneur makes him uniquely positioned to deliver a roadmap for how direct selling can grow and stay relevant for decades to come. Gordon shares his time-tested principals for achieving success in direct selling such as getting the right culture, customer-centricity, and embracing change. He uses data-driven analysis and insights to deliver actionable recommendations, all within a compelling narrative. “Positioned Right” paints an optimistic perspective of the direct selling channel, while serving a challenge to all the stakeholders of direct selling to actively leverage these insights in the book to achieve this successful future.

Ben GamseSenior Market Research Manager (Direct Selling Association)

Whether you're a seasoned direct marketer or someone new to the industry, Positioned Right explains the keys to success and the industry's future path. It's a must-read for those in leadership roles who need to know how to make the most of industry changes.

Dr. Tracy TutenAssociate Professor of Marketing, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

This is a must-read book for anyone who is serious about the direct selling industry. Gordon’s passion regarding our industry and the need for change is thought provoking! He has the experience and leadership capabilities to bring this brilliant roadmap for creating and breeding success in your business. He has written a well thought out and engaging book that is refreshing and relevant whether you are a novice or seasoned direct selling professional. I have had the privilege of working with Gordon and seeing his passion for this business first-hand. It’s very real and I’m convinced Gordon will become a champion of change and wisdom for this industry.

Jay ShaferCo-CEO and Co-Chairman

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