Positioned Right | The Forces Shaping the Future of Direct Selling and Network Marketing


Positioned Right is a comprehensive look at the direct selling industry as a distribution channel and business opportunity. It shows why both are meaningful and proven in the global marketplace with sales near $200 billion a year in over 170 countries with 120 million direct selling entrepreneurs. Most importantly, it examines the four key areas where this industry must evolve to ensure an even better future.

The need to evolve is both urgent and important. Positioned Right is a transformational blueprint that can ensure that direct selling remains relevant as a distribution channel and business opportunity.  


The world is changing at a faster pace than at any other time in history. The need for any leader, company, or industry to seek relevancy and leadership in the marketplace has never been greater. The Direct Selling Industry is no exception to this reality. The competition for consumers requires us to re-imagine how we will continue to be a proven and  meaningful distribution channel. As the entrepreneurial landscape evolves the micro-entrepreneurs who have been the lifeblood of direct selling have more options than have ever existed in the marketplace. Although direct selling pioneered the use of an independent contractor entrepreneur business model to build a workforce, other industries like gig opportunities are creating greater competition for the micro-entrepreneurs in the global marketplace.

Gordon Hester’s new book, Positioned Right, focuses on why direct selling is a meaningful and proven distribution channel and business opportunity. More importantly, it explains the need for the Industry to evolve to ensure its continued relevance in the marketplace. Positioned Right identifies the key areas that are ripe for evolution and recommends a path forward for the Industry which is “Direct Selling is a customer-centric industry”.


Product Description

Number of pages: 256
ISBN-10: 1-61493-636-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-61493-636-7
Publication date: 17 december 2019
Publisher: Gordon Hester
Language: English
Illustrations note: Occasional b&w
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“Gordon Hester’s experience spanning several decades as a direct seller, corporate consultant, DSA Industry Research Committee member, and tech entrepreneur makes him uniquely positioned to deliver a roadmap for how direct selling can grow and stay relevant for decades to come. Gordon shares his time-tested principals for achieving success in direct selling such as getting the right culture, customer-centricity, and embracing change. He uses data-driven analysis and insights to deliver actionable recommendations, all within a compelling narrative. “Positioned Right” paints an optimistic perspective of the direct selling channel, while serving a challenge to all the stakeholders of direct selling to actively leverage these insights in the book to achieve this successful future.”

Ben Gamse
Senior Market Research Manager (Direct Selling Association)


“Whether you’re a seasoned direct marketer or someone new to the industry, Positioned Right explains the keys to success and the industry’s future path. It’s a must-read for those in leadership roles who need to know how to make the most of industry changes.”

Dr. Tracy Tuten
Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF Fellow)
Associate Professor of Marketing, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


“This is a must-read book for anyone who is serious about the direct selling industry. Gordon’s passion regarding our industry and the need for change is thought provoking! He has the experience and leadership capabilities to bring this brilliant roadmap for creating and breeding success in your business. He has written a well thought out and engaging book that is refreshing and relevant whether you are a novice or seasoned direct selling professional. I have had the privilege of working with Gordon and seeing his passion for this for this industry.”

Jay Shafer
Co-CEO and Co-Chairman of Zurvita